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Business Description
Out motto is: "There's no Smart City without smart 3D Mapping"
In 2014 Orbit GT started disrupting the geospatial ecosystem by providing high-end solutions to support the change to automated 3D Mapping, Reality Capture and Digital Twins. Orbit GT is bringing the 3D reality to everyone, as it provides a hybrid platform for 3D mapping content in a performant, easy to use, highly accurate, and versatile way.

Long Business Description

Orbit GT easy to use software platform makes it possible to Integrate, Manipulate, Manage all 3D data coming from different sources (satellite, plane, drone, mobile and indoor mapping) captured by hardware from different vendors using different sensors (Lidar, Photo, Ground Penetrating Radar,...).
This 3D-Reality Capture data can easily be shared to different actors (land administration, road and rail asset mgr, public transport, security forces, telco, utility companies, …) who get a total overview and can work very efficient (fast and accurate) and in the safety of their office.
In the past they had to work with 2D data and make many trips to different location sometime in dangerous situations and still have only partial data.
The up to date 3D Reality Capture is the start to build an actual Digital Twin of the city that needs to become smart.
Smart 3D Mapping is literary the foundation of a Smart City enabling efficient and performant planning, building and managing!
Please provide a functional description of your solution/service, including design approach, use of technologies, IT architecture, and operating processes. required for SDK/HDK order
The platform is made to tackle very large data files (TBytes) and deliver this data efficient and fast. It exists of a number of modules:
- Content manager: organize & manage, catalogue & archive, improve & optimize image and point cloud data, QA/QC, document and report, deliver ready-made projects after capture, upload to share online.
- Feature extraction: complete mapping unit for Image, LiDAR and DSM mapping, process features and results in semi- or full automated mode, document assets, centralize data management, roles and permissions for team work. AI helps to perform semi- and fully automatic feature extraction.
- Publisher or Mapping cloud: share 360° and planar nadir, streetview, oblique imagery, share DSM and LiDAR point clouds online, define user credentials, multiple publications, server pool, share on the web, mobile devices, and integrate using SDK.
- Blur & Erase to comply with privacy laws.
- Integration with the other software vendors is easy by using the plugins.

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