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Our philosophy and vision have the fundamental determination of our constant desire to do good. In time, this desire has grown into a need, and therefore we strive every day, steadily and directly, wanting to do good for others. Our products are the expression of this desire and effort.The frame of our desire has been shaped in the concept of our Orange & Green Lifestyle, which uniquely combines all the positive concepts we believe in, such as: health, beauty, happiness, positive vibrations and good habits.

We believe that doing good is never too late, that is, it is never early enough to start making changes for the better. That is why every day is precious and convenient. This reflection on the timeline we expressed with our slogan Today is a good day.

Our innovation company Orange & Green Ltd has circled the whole production which is performed in Croatia. We have our own laboratory in Zagreb, machines for fine grinding the herbs, machines for preparing the mixture/formula, machines for creating the tablets (pills), sales department and marketing.
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