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Business Description
Two questions drove co-founders Johannes Conrady and Ryan Mullins to start the company: What if storytellers could create new mobile series using the phone’s native features? What if there was an entertaining new format that sat somewhere between watching a book and reading a movie?

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“In the past, storytellers and creators had to develop an app to create one multimedia and interactive story that used some native features of the phone. There was no storytelling platform for mobile-native experiences like Pokémon Go or Lifeline. We wanted to change that. Our vision is to democratize the tools to create these story experiences and allow creators to monetize their work. That’s what’s in the works.” —Ryan Mullins
Long Business Description

oolipo is a platform for the creation of original mobile series. Readers will experience a whole new format designed specifically for mobile, using words, videos, photos, GIFs, interactivity, animations, etc. Someone recently described the experience of reading one of our stories as “The offspring of a love-affair between a book, YouTube, and a Snapchat Story”.

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