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NUACOM is a cloud-based business phone system that caters to the varying needs and budgets of small, medium, and large enterprises. Affordable and robust, NUACOM gives your business that distinctive edge in terms of internal and external business communication. With a very rich communication platform, NUACOM will certainly be an essential cog in enhancing your sales and bettering your customer and support services.

This cloud-based business phone solution allows you to easily and efficiently connect all your internal departments as well as various business locations. The system comes with more than 50 telephony features such as voice mail, advanced reporting, SMS capabilities, SIM card hosting, free landline and international calls, call forwarfing, call conference, and more.
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NUACOM provides businesses of all types and sizes with a powerful and versatile cloud-based telephone system that does more than what traditional phone solutions can. For one, you enjoy a centralized phone platform that connects not only your internal departments, but your entire business network. Whether you have two other business locations or a hundred more, NUACOM brings all the functionalities and capabilities to keep your business telephone communications up and running reliably and smoothly.

More than just High-Definition Call Quality, NUACOM’s business phone systems are loaded with advanced features that are not offered by convention business communicationss providers. It offers a voicemail service that you can access even when you are not at your office. Advanced reporting tools goves you all the details and valuable information on all your company’s phone calls. From the software’s web interface, you can view all the data, allowing you to spot major issues such as bottlenecks and quickly address them long before they become a problem.

Contact management is a breeze with NUACOM, thanks to its centralized phone book feature. All your contacts are stored and managed in one place, which makes access easy and fast. Whenever you need to add new contacts or import them to a new location, or add specific notes for each contact, NUACOM makes every process seamless.

Customers who call for support don’t like to wait on the line, even for a second. NUACOM’s call queuing feature ensures that you customers will never hear a busy tone, even if there is no agent available at the moment or the line is busy.

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