Business Name:
Business Description:
1. Tasty, convenient and healthy coffee-based drinks enhanced with superfoods, essential vitamins, and natural flavors.
2. Customized to personalized health categories.
3. Finished products: ENERGY; IMMUNITY; WELLBEING (retail)
4. In the making: FOCUS; SLIM; DETOX
5. Formulated by food nutritionists and pharmacists and supported by renowned German laboratories.
6. Compostable capsules AND packaging.
Long Business Description:

Demand for healthy, convenient foods and drinks is not only growing, but it is set to become the new normal in these trying times. At NOVV, we aim to revolutionize the otherwise dull coffee industry landscape by empowering this ever so popular drink with superfoods and vitamins and metamorphize an already good-for-you drink into a better-for-you coffee experience.

A crossroad between fast growing market segments:
1. Unprecedented global potential for functional foods/beverages, driven by Health-conscious consumers.
2. Demand for convenience foods is rising, driven by iGeneration, millennials and more women in the workforce.
3. The coffee market in Europe alone is expected to grow to over €144 billion by 2023. Functional benefits are becoming a significant driver of demand in this business market.
4. Ease-of-use of capsules and the wide variety of machines have contributed to an increase in their popularity.

1. X-Gen and Millennials: Spend less and less time eating; favor convenient and nutritious foods.
2. Single parents & Women 25-45 years: Addiction to coffee; Focus on health and wellbeing.
3. Young families & Baby Boomers: Heavy coffee drinkers; Extra push for body care.
4. Vegans and Flexitarians: The only coffee with over-abundance of vitamin B12.
5. Gamers: Heavy coffee drinkers; Addiction to coffee; Propose clean alternative to energy drinks.

1. Health categories: Sports nutrition; Skin and beauty; Old age (joints health); etc.
2. Delivery: Other pod and capsule types; Ground; Beans; Instant; Shots; Ready-to-drink cans; etc.
3. Base products: Teas and herbs; Chocolate; broths; etc.
4. Geographical

Made at our premises in Moers, Germany.

Distribution Channels
Pharmacies/para-pharmacies/Health stores; Webshop; B2B (Fitness centers and Offices); Retail

Based in:
coffee, functional beverages, vitamins, superfoods
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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