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NewCo (https://newco.ooo) is an app for founders to track their ownership and equity. Your team log their hours in exchange for ownership. When the startup succeeds it can buy the shares back. Available on iOS and Android.
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Being the founder of an early stage startup is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

NewCo is the simplest way to launch a startup. Unlike traditional startups, where the team decides on a fixed equity split at the start. NewCo handles it all for you automatically. Truly dynamic equity. The team all log hours as they work and the people who work the most, own the most.

Dynamic equity is the only fair way to start up. It's also loads of fun!

We have spoken to hundreds of early stage founders and built in all the features they need to launch their start-up and attract a team.

- Variable hour rates, so senior people earn more per hour than junior people
- Dispute resolution, so the CEO can reject hours logged if they are not accurate
- Maximum and minimum hours per week
- Bonuses and expenses
- Maximum buyout clauses
- Royalties for the person who thought up the idea

NewCo startups are designed from the start to take all of the stress out of building a company and a team.

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