Neuroteg AI

Neuroteg AI
Business Name:
Neuroteg AI
Business Description:
AI for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson and TBI (traumatic brain injury).
Long Business Description:

AI for neurodegenerative diseases. Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease takes about 2,5-3 years to make a diagnosis. At that moment if the first neurological symptoms appears it is already too late too many brain cells are already death. There is no cure but if we can make a diagnose 5-10 years before symptoms appears there is a possibility to prevent and to treat the disease. The problem is that we can make brain scan only in a hospital and there is no possibility to track the patient. With digital biomarkers we can track the patient POC (point-of-care) on a non-invasive way and cheap.

Based in:
AI, diagnosis, brain scan, biomarkers
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