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Business Description:
NeuroMatic Automotive (Safety Driving Headset).
The goal is to produce cheapest and high effective wearable device for safety driving.
The device is intended for warning of sleep-related road accidents and lets fatigue monitoring, control of car driver’s drowsiness, aggressive driving style and others reasons like uncontrolled driver condition from alcohol, narcotic, soporific or unhealthiness.
Long Business Description:

Most of the existing driver condition control systems use visual pattern of driver to detect when a driver is becoming drowsy.
Car vendors offer different systems and technologies for drowsiness detection for same driver.
Existing car driver drowsiness detection systems can not control others reasons of sleep-related accidents like aggressive driving style, uncontrolled driver condition from alcohol, narcotic, soporific or unhealthiness.
Universal smart personal bluetooth headset that detects car driver brain activity changes on real time and can connect to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or others native onboard systems in any cars.
It is implemented as system with using low-cost single dry-sensor EEG (Electroencephalogram) headset, based on BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) and able to predict and respond to onset of drowsiness preceding stage 1st sleep. EEG/BCI Signals Analysis is high effective solution for monitoring of driver’s condition for warning road accidents.

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automotive, driver, mobility
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