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For private individuals, who want to live more sustainably, Natly offers a mobile app that tracks and measures people's Carbon Emissions data in REAL-TIME by analysing their spending and mobility habits AND reduces people's climate impact via custom tailored smart recommendations combined with tree planting.
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Nat.ly is your personal guide into the world of sustainability. Fighting climate change starts with one's individual responsibility. Achieve sustainability without destroying your quality of life in just 3 easy steps:

1. Measure your individual carbon emissions from your spending and movement habits,
2. Reduce your daily impact by completing quests and tasks that Nat.ly offers
3. Offset emissions by planting trees. Completed tasks give you virtual coins that can be used to plant trees for no cost. Yes-yes, absolutely FREE!

Smart Measurement:
Nat.ly helps you track and measure your impact without lifting a finger. Just fill in your details and let the app take care of the rest. The app uses advanced statistical models to predict your impact. It offers a more granular level of detail to calculate your carbon footprint. Unlike most alternatives it uses powerful tools to promote awareness and keep account of one's personal impact.

A powerful tool in your pocket:
Be aware on how your mobility and consumption impacts the climate. Reduce spending whenever possible and choose a greener transportation choice!

Additional Benefits Include:
- Upgrade your status by progressing through the app and earning achievements for your accomplishments!
- Compete and collaborate with other people to reduce your emissions by planting trees in various places on the planet.
- Invite friends to earn extra points and plant even more trees.

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