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Business Description
NanoScientifica Scandinavia AB is producing high-quality metallic nanoparticles with tight size-and-shape control in a scalable and sustainable way. NanoScientifica Scandinavia is dedicated to sustainability and will whenever possible strive to produce our products with a minimal environmental footprint. This means that we strive towards using recycled metal sources and develop synthesis routes with minimal waste under closed-loop processes.
Long Business Description

Efficient and safe materials for Energy production and energy storage are critical for a sustainable society. In this context, nanomaterials with controlled size and shape offer great opportunities for a broad range of applications, including fuel cells, sensors, electronic devices, displays, and medical technology.

Many of these nanomaterials have been discovered in research laboratories during recent decades, but are not available in larger quantities due to challenges with productions and scale-up.

Based on almost 20 years of experience in nanomaterials synthesis, professor Kasper Moth-Poulsen, and post-doc researchers Jessica Orrego Hernandez and Robson Rosa da Silva have now formed the company NanoScientifica Scandinavia AB that seeks to make nanoparticles with unprecedented control over size and shape available for companies and research groups that are tackling some of the greatest challenges of our time. What we have discovered is a way to continuously produce these materials at very high quality with almost no waste.

The team's first 3 products that available today are i) palladium nanocubes that have used in fuel cells, sensing, and catalysis. Ii) Gold nanospheres that can be used in biomedical, photonics, and sensing applications and iii) Silver Nanowires with possible use in displays and advanced solar cells. Several more products will be added in the coming months.

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circular economy, recycled, shape-and-size controlled nanoparticles, energy
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No funding announced yet
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