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mypa is an intelligent assistant for sales and business professionals. It works with your existing email, calendar, and phone apps and provides automatic integration of all your interactions by contact and company. No special set-up nor tiring data entry needed!

· The contact main screen shows all the personal info, pending tasks (unread emails, pending calls to make...) in addition to notes, recent and historic activity and allows you to take any action from there.
· mypa builds a company list from your contact data, scans the web for missing info, and links your contacts to companies.
· The company detail screen shows pending and recent items for all contacts linked to this company.
· mypa checks and cleans your contact list, searching for dupes and bad email addresses.

· mypa can arrange virtual and physical meetings automatically. You give it a range of dates and times and mypa emails your contact and provides a simple web interface for him to select a convenient date and time. mypa checks your calendar in real time to ensure you are available.
· mypa scans incoming emails and can detect when a contact wants to arrange a meeting or call. It notifies you of the request, and then can handle organizing the meeting automatically.

· Phone ringing? mypa catches incoming calls, identifies the caller, and displays his or her dashboard so you can see what's pending and important BEFORE you pick up. When the call's over you can take quick actions, like schedule a meeting, send a follow-up email, or take notes.
· mypa analyzes your calls and flags the priority ones based on various criteria.
· mypa tracks missed calls and unanswered calls by contact to remind you to try again later.

· You can flag an email for follow-up and mypa will keep track of it until it's answered and notify you when you receive a reply.
· mypa scans incoming emails and identifies when a contact is requesting a meeting or call. It notifies you of the pending meeting request and, at your request, can automate arranging the meeting.
· mypa checks the accuracy of every email address in your contact list and shows you the ones that are no longer valid.
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