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MyEasyFarm, the AgTech ISOBUS-certified platform to agregate and exchange agri data, specifically with agroequipments, for an easy and connected Precision Farming
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MyEasyFarm is a solution to ease Precision Farming usage. The MyEasyFarm platform aggregates and exchanges agri applications and data with a specific focus on data transfers to and from agroequipments thanks to its ISOBUS certification.
Main features :
- Import, create and manage products prescription maps (the right amount of products at the right place on the right moment)
- tasks creation and transfer towards the agroequipment terminal displays using USB keys or in connected mode,
- equipments real-time tracking in the fields,
- As-applied maps upload from equipments (traceability and documentation automation)
- Data analysis (prescription, as-applied, yield maps comparison, production costs calculations per intervention, per crop cycle, ...)
- Market Place for agri application and data integrations (FMIS, Satellite, drones, weather, telematic boxes, prescription tools, ...)
- Collaborative platform for on-line advises by cooperatives / dealers to farmers/producers, data exchange under producers control.

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