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Business Description:
Myconeos is a fungal biotechnology company based on the know-how to naturally breed new fungal strains. Our mission is to bring fungal research to the heart of innovation.
Long Business Description:

Myconeos is a start-up founded on fungal microbiology research. The research has established commercially ground-breaking natural techniques for the sexual crossing of Penicillium fungal strains previously thought to be asexual. The company currently has developed four strains for the mould ripened cheese industry and retains a catalogue of over 120 strains with expertise to further develop and sell novel fungal food cultures and metabolites for use in food manufacture more generally. Key commercial opportunities are: (1) Cheese (including vegan substitutes); (2) Fermented Meat; (3) Natural Food Additives, colours and Enzymes; (4) Bioremediation; (5) Industrial and Domestic Agriculture and (6) Health via Metabolite Production. We have established a manufacturing and research and development facility at Biocity, Nottingham.

Based in:
fungus, biotechnology, food,
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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