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Award-winning on-demand customer insights platform. Making business sense of unstructured feedback for faster & more informed decisions.
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MyCustomerLens creates on-demand insights from all your unstructured feedback, so that you can make faster and more informed decisions about how to grow your business. We do this by automating your ability to listen everywhere, summarise text data and benchmark performance.

Listen Everywhere. Organisations can no longer rely on periodic surveys to provide a complete picture of their customer experience. So MyCustomerLens aggregates a wide variety of feedback in real-time to create a single source of truth. Our platform helps you see beyond your survey data by also aggregating customer comments shared on social media, online reviews, emails, feedback forms, complaint forms and mystery shopping reports. We even give you simple tools for collecting verbal feedback and the ideas and observations of your staff.

Summarise text data. Stop wasting time and money manually aggregating, analysing and reporting on customer feedback. MyCustomerLens uses bespoke algorithms to make business sense of all your raw text data, in real-time. To minimise your time to insight, we customise our machine learning algorithms to reflect the brand and terminology of your business and industry.

Benchmark performance. Revenue opportunities are lost when decision-makers can’t see their data in a wider context. So MyCustomerLens benchmarks your customer experience over time, across locations and against competitors. We do this by incorporating relevant operational data, tracking the impact of decisions and highlighting areas of best practice.

MyCustomerLens makes it easy for organisations like yours to drive customer-led growth. To listen to customers and prospects, wherever they prefer to share their feedback. To save time and money by automatically summarising all the raw text data. To benchmark performance by putting results in a broader context.

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