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We created wiCow, a smart early warning and innovative health tracking system created for cattle and buffalos. Artificial intelligence-based wiCow, can detect heat, 24-hour advanced calving, calving, and fever with 96% accuracy. wiCow can be used for prepartum, postpartum, and dry periods. The system can be tracked down via the "wiCow Pro" app.

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wiCow is a smart, state-of-the-art, early warning, and health tracking technology for cattle and buffalos. wiCow helps keep track of your animals' health during dry, prepartum, and postpartum periods. Since the system gives alerts when there is heat detected, fever, 24-hour advanced calving, and calving itself via wiCow App or call, the farmer/vet is prepared and can take any precautions necessary for the well-being of the animals. wiCow artificial intelligence-based system in which a device called "Tsens" collects biological data from animals as long as it's kept in the cow's vagina. The collected data is sent to the cloud to be verified. The more data Tsens collects, the more accurate and price wiCow gets in order to know the farm and the animals, so it can suggest solutions to different animal health problems and conditions. Tsens is made from a medical degree and FDA-approved material, it is completely harmless to the cattle.
Our Solution is a combination of the sensor (Tsens), repeater, base station, and special communication protocol. The setup of our system is pretty simple. The farmer does not need to be a technician to mount the system. Our manual gives the right instructions.
Tsens collects data through its activity and temperature sensors.
Our patented design makes Tsens the most suitable smart device for intravaginal use.

The collected data is transferred to the cloud via wiCowPro protocol and stored there securely. Since wiCow is an artificial intelligence-based system, it processes the collected data and creates smart alerts for the farmers. The farmer gets notified via wiCow pro App or phone call 24/7 when the cow comes on heat time, has a fever, has 24 hours to calving, and begins calving.

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smart farming, agritech, animal welfare, digital farming
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