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We want to offer everyone the opportunity to produce sustainable energy with our products. Therefore we have developed the first modular wind turbine. The MOWEA-Champ wind turbine can be used as a single turbine or connected in a system as the MOWEA-Net. Through the innovative use of high-tech, MOWEA sets new standards in small wind technology.
Our innovative wind energy modules achieve top values in energy production through highly efficient aerodynamics and state-of-the-art control technology. MOWEA’s modular concept thus makes a decisive contribution to enabling a more practical and economical wind energy supply – for everyone.
Long Business Description

The MOWEA Vision is a world in which all people are able to produce sustainable energy by themselves and MOWEA Mission is to build the best small wind turbines and make them affordable to everyone.

The rising demand for energy-self-sufficiency, decreasing prices, and political climate objectives allow for decentralized regenerative energy technologies to increasingly become a mass application. Renewable energy plants, often in combination with battery systems, are used by more and more proprietors to generate their own electricity.

So far primarily photovoltaics have been used for individual energy generation, but by now small and micro wind turbines are arriving in private households, businesses, and industry. Especially the small wind turbines are one of the rare options besides photovoltaics to generate eco-friendly electricity in an urban environment. This leads to a rising use of small wind turbines in densely built-up urban areas.

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