Business Name:
Business Description:
MNYMSTRS (pronounced Money Masters) is a unique educational platform meant to enhance financial literacy. The concept is similar to DuoLingo but rather than focusing on language learning we want to teach people about finance for free. Overall we found people know how to work for money but don’t know how to make money work for them. Our business is unique due to how we simplify finance into bite-sized modules that slowly progress into more complex topics. We have broken down financial literacy into six pillars which include the following topics: Personal finance, economics, trading, investing, financial players and corporate finance. We have created an interactive academy structure where you can test your knowledge after completing a lesson and have further expanded into gamifying our platform with a stock, commodity and bond trading center. We believe that our business will allow individuals to become financial free and no longer be scared of making large financial decisions as they now have an amplitude of knowledge on all financial concepts needed in everyday life.
Based in:
EdTech, Financial Literacy, Social Innovation,
Total Funding:
Between €2.5 million-5 million
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