Missive offers a new way to consume, share and assign emails.

Share an email with a team and chat right below it, we call it a Missive conversation. It keeps the context and prevents the use of forwards : no more Fw:re:FWD:FW chains. You can upload files in the conversation and collaborate right in the inbox.

More importantly, teams can triage and assign emails. Managing shared inboxes ([email protected], [email protected]) has never been easier.

We also offer :
– shared labels – add a shared label to an email and all the team will see it
– live editing – work on a draft like in a google doc !
– read receipts,
– snooze,
– send later,
– taks
– canned responses,
– multiple inbox support,
– aliases and more…

Missive is free to try and available on all platforms.
Emailig Tool, HR Tech, Shared Inboxes
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