MIOO’s business description is to make cycling easy by providing quick, on-demand bike services. Through a subscription model, the MIOO application combines innovative technology and usability by connecting users to Bike Buddies – a network of mobile mechanics who travel to the users’ home or workplace to provide reliable and affordable bike services.

MIOO Cycling has been founded by Tomas Grönqvist in 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. MIOO is a subscription platform as bicycle service. As a MIOO subscriber you get smooth access to bicycle service and support where you and your bicycle is. There are already more than 2 Billion bikes in use around the world and bicycle’s sales increased by 0.5M during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Therefore, that will highly increase the need for service, support and insurance. MIOO is based in Stockholm and recently launched in UK.
-The plan is to expand the business to Paris and Berlin during 2021
-Estimated go-to market/launch per new country and city is 1-2 month
-Implementing a Smart Lock which provide an opportunity for both MIOO users and bicycle mechanics to unlock a bicycle and do the repair without the need to have the owner physically available.

Subscription model, smart mobility, bicycle service
Between €1-€100K
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