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Since its launch in March 2012, www.MilktheSun.com has been successfully connecting major players in the photovoitaic (PV) field by providing a platform where landowners, developers, EPCs as well as investors and independent service providers can communicate & exchange information in a direct and transparent format.

The ability to connect potential investors directly with planners and developers of PV installation projects or with owners of existing solar energy installations, eliminates the complexity and expense of surplus brokers in the investment chain. Milk the Sun uses the inherent transparency & sophistication of today’s modern technology to provide both time & cost savings to project owners & investors in comparison to existing conventional methods. With its comprehensive platform, Milk the Sun aims to optimize market place transparency so that potential investors are confident that they are paying the correct price for the installations & accompanying services they choose to invest their capital in. With this new, innovative approach Milk the Sun also aims to promote PV installations as a viable & sustainable asset class for today’s discerning investor.

This innovative business idea was born directly out of the frustration of its founders wish to eliminate the hidden broker fees which not only made the cost of investing in this sustainable asset class artificially inflated but also made the investment process very time-consuming for potential investors – thus inhibiting the growth of the PV installation market as a profitable yet sustainable investment option. With this new concept, the founders aim to replicate the success of the real estate market as a viable and trusted investment asset.

Milk the Sun’s target market is both PV installation projects in the planning/implementation phase and also existing, mature PV installations. Europe already has approx. 1.8 million PV installations in operation and 1.2 million of those are situated in Germany, with the market still experiencing significant growth. Amongst the installations in the asset range which Milk the Sun has identified for its target market, 25 GWp of installations already exist and it is projected that a further 27 Gwp of installations will be completed by 2015. This represents for Germany alone an investment volume of approx.70 billion Euro and a further increase up to 100 billion Euro is forecast by 2015.

An aggressive growth strategy has been established in order to sustainably enter all viable PV markets and thus enable Milk the Sun to become an industry leader in the marketplace.
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