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Business Description
In Mild Blue we create algorithms that save lives.
We help healthcare providers to harvest the potential of AI and machine learning, improving care using power hidden in data.
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Mild Blue has developed a tool that helps find matching organ donor/recipient pairs across multiple countries (Czechia, Israel and Austria) taking into account dozens of biological and regulatory factors. Our TX Matching tool is already used in IKEM hospital in Prague.
Mild Blue has also other projects in development. Our award-winning mobile app Breviary takes the manual calculation and table searching from establishing correct medication dosage. Our app can work alone to help doctors find the correct dosage or it can be integrated with the hospital's IT system to input patients' data automatically and signal recommended changes in medication administration. Mild Blue's Breviary uses machine learning on anonymized data to improve dosage computation.

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healthtech, clinical settings, AI for medicine
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No funding announced yet

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