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Business Description
Microcapsules and microparticles are widely used to carry, deliver and protect pharmaceutical agents in drugs, fragrances in cosmetic products, and aromas or probiotics in food.

However, today’s industrial microencapsulation techniques do not allow any control over the capsule size, leading to uncontrolled release profiles.
Our unique technique enables the industrial production of size-controlled
microcapsules, while offering precise dosing, controlled release properties, and an increased stability, all of which being 1000x faster than state-of-the-art processes.

Microcaps brings, for the very first time, industrial precision and control to the rapidly growing 12 bn-$ market of microencapsulation.
Long Business Description

Microcapsules and microparticles are industrially used to protect and deliver active materials, such as drugs in medication, fragrances in creams and aromas in food. Today’s microencapsulated materials have neither control in actual particle size nor in their size distribution. Hence, the final products often have unknown release profiles, poor dosage control, and a decreased stability over time. Until today, state-of-art microfluidic techniques only work with very little volumes as they lack scalability and stability. Therefore, a trade-off between large production volumes and monodispersity has to be found. However, with Microcaps this trade-off is resolved, our technique enables laboratory Swiss precision at industrial scale. Large production volumes of size-controlled (monodisperse) microparticles,-emulsions, and -capsules, are now possible by upscaled microfluidics. Moreover, our emulsification platform has the advantage of being highly flexible (10 to 2000µm particle size) and adaptable (chemical components and batch sizes) , as well as being robust and cost-effective.

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microparticles, pharmaceutics, medication

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