Founded by two award-winning Oxonians, MeVitae leverages deep IA and data-driven approaches to solve the biggest human capital challenges. MeVitae is supported by the likes of the European Space Agency BIC, Innovate UK, Microsoft and more, with board members including Microsoft director and Shazam Co-Founder.

The main offering is centred around shortlisting top diverse talent without unconscious bias, using a power amalgamation of space technology, neuroscience, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

The principal source of revenue is a licensing based model, paid by companies for the cloud-based anonymising bias correction algorithm costing a minimum of £50,000 for Application Tracking System (ATS) integration, in addition to a pay per API call (i.e. per CV analysed), costing between 50p-£2 per API call.
AI, HR Tech, Recruiting
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