Mermaid Bio

Mermaid Bio
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Mermaid Bio
Business Description:
Mermaid Bio’s mission is to discover and develop breakthrough intrabodies (antibodies for intracellular targets) to treat unmet patient needs. The platform links single domain antibodies (nanobodies) together with advancements in drug delivery (using mRNA/LNP systems) to create the possibility of producing breakthrough medicines. The technology platform works in a safe and specific manner on key intracellular proteins, an approach which could be used for a plethora of intracellular targets. Nanobodies are small, have high target affinity and specificity and can be designed against a wide range of intracellular targets, thus represent a next-frontier technology for intracellular delivery. By delivering intrabodies via mRNA, Mermaid Bio will solve the key challenge to using antibodies within cells, allowing its platform to become the essential enabler for drug development of previously undruggable targets across a broad range of disease categories.
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Biopharma, Biotechnology, Nanobodies
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No funding announced yet
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