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Business Description
Merantix Labs develops and integrates machine-learning software solutions for SMEs and large corporations. They have the expertise and the execution power needed to integrate AI solutions into your business in order to fuel innovation in your products and services.
Long Business Description

Merantix Labs have three focus areas: custom AI-projects, the solution Chameleon and research projects.

Custom AI-projects are executed using the AI Canvas framework, to guide companies through AI project implementation and sustainable deployment.

Chameleon in an artificial intelligence software for high performance video and image processing that applies image segmentation algorithms. It is an adaptable AI software to detect, segment and classify images with some applications being in medical image analysis, quality inspection, asset monitoring, and many more.

Merantix Labs also brings their machine learning expertise to various publicly funded research projects in order to apply the most modern technologies to new areas, tackle new challenges, and create setups allowing for exploration and novel approaches.

Based in
machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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