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Business Description
Medtech Concept AB was founded in 2019 with a vision to become the leading supplier of miniature injection devices globally.
The company will launch its first product Minipen 2 which will be the smallest injection device in the world.
The Minipen 2 is three times smaller than existing injection pens, with a narrow-gauge short needle to reduce pain, suitable for vaccinations, cosmetic procedures and 300+ million insulin injecting diabetics.
We aim to capture 1% of the global market for diabetic injection devices estimated to be worth over $0.5 billion USD per annum.
Due to an unprecedented demand for injection devices, we have accelerated our product launch plans and now have 15 distributors lined up to purchase the Minipen by the container load.
We have two factories ready to start manufacturing to meet the anticipated global demand, fuelled by a rapid global increase in diabetes and global vaccination programmes. To set the factory up, we need to arrange funding in the form of loans, convertible loans or sale of equity.
Long Business Description

Diabetics injecting insulin currently use large cumbersome medical devices in the form of insulin pens and medical syringes (not designed for self injection) up to six times a day. The syringes are far from portable and attract attention when used in public places. The pens are portable but bulky, difficult to carry on the person, are easily broken and need to be refrigerated to preserve the insulin which degrades with heat.
We will bring our miniature injection device Minipen to the following markets:
- People with diabetes injecting insulin (Type 1 & 2)
- Cosmetic markets
- Medical vaccination & Immunisation programmes
- Veterinary Use
Manufacturing of the Minipen is due to begin in August 2021 subject to financing having been secured in January 2021.
We have a pipeline of 15 clients, two distributor’s have already signed contracts and we expect to sign by the end of January 2021.
We are seeking Trade Finance to fund 12 months of OPEX and the CAPEX required to set-up a production line with US Company Darco Corporation.
Details of the finance required can be found in a separate document referenced as Debt Market Proposal.
Small investors can obtain shares in the Swedish company please ask for details.
A private placement offer has been created for corporates to support the company via a convertible loan, giving the option to have the loan repaid after two years or converted into equity/stock at a pre-agreed price.

Based in
Diabetes, medical, products, syringe, miniature
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K

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