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At Medloop, we strongly believe in the potential for connected healthcare. As such, we are on a mission to close the loop between patients and doctors, enabling doctors to have a real-time overview of their patient population, and empowering patients to have better access to care.
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With prevention as its core focus, Medloop is on a mission to enrich the relationship between patients and doctors and transform healthcare from being reactive to becoming preventative.

In order to realize its vision, Medloop leverages millions of patient-years data and best preventive practices from our partner, one of the largest Health- Maintenance-Organizations (HMO) in the world, to build an advanced rule-engine and predictive analytics system that is deployed via a physician dashboard and native patient mobile application.

As such, Medloop promotes evidence-based preventative medicine to lower chronic disease incidence, promote better care management and disease outcomes, thus relieving the growing burden on the healthcare industry.

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Berlin, London
eHealth, Healthcare, Medloop, Berlin, London

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