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Business Description
Manyfolds is an intelligent platform for instant packaging creation and production, focused on SMBs and micro industry customers that require high variety & individualization, low volume and just-in-time packaging solutions.
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Market need
SMBs, micro-industry and medium-sized e-tailer are in the need for better packaging solutions when it comes to ship different item combinations. They want less breakage, smaller boxes for lower logistics costs, less filling material, a better eco-friendliness, avoid packaging errors, and they want a better unboxing experience for the goods recipients. But most of all: They want a better on-site availability of “fitting” packaging.

The Manyfolds platform enables small and medium-sized businesses to instantly create and produce eco-friendly, size-optimized packaging.
Once the dimensions of the individual shipping goods are entered, the packaging incl. protective positioning inserts are automatically calculated within the WebApp. Customers order online or produce their packaging instantly through a copier-sized machine, fold them together, and place the individual items in recesses in the inlay. The goods are thereby ideally protected during shipment to the inside and outside, with no filling material needed.
With this solution, customers are significantly reducing overhead and packaging costs, minimizing shipping damage, eliminate filling material, and achieve better end customer reviews through better unboxing experiences. Conventional systems are more space-consuming, more expensive, much more complicated.

Based in
Munich, Germany
Packaging, Platform, eco-friendly
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K
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