Maestro Amadeus

Maestro Amadeus
Business Name:
Maestro Amadeus
Business Description:
The Maestro Amadeus platform is a solution that helps musicians simply organize their materials by using advanced algorithms, which save musicians time when they’re digitalizing and managing their musical materials. By using the platform, the users can simply share the materials with each other, which is especially important for bigger music groups and music school.

Because the way you manage and interact with music materials, be it on stage, during practice or in other circumstances, is crucially important for musicians, a part of the platform is also a mobile solution, which enables advanced interaction with materials by using tools to automatically turn the page and establishing an advanced connection with other mobile and music devices. Based on an analysis of the added materials, the platform automatically determines the meta information of individual songs such as the title and author. Musicians can enrich individual materials with additional information, such as default metronome settings, sound files, and automatic page-turning.
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Information Technology, Music, Software
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No funding announced yet
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