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Business Description
Lupovis is an AI-based solution providing pro-active and offence-centric deception strategies
for arresting attackers that have penetrated your network. The solution engages attackers
through a sequence of dynamic decoys and lures them through the network using adaptive
narrative and manipulation techniques, hence extending the time window to respond with the
most effective countermeasures to arrest the breach, whilst maintaining operational integrity
and in turn business continuity.
Long Business Description

Lupovis is a suite of deception tools and technologies empowering Security Operator Centre(SOC) teams to detect, deceive, divert, deny and identify attackers. The proliferation of high profile breaches is evidence that current tools are insufficient, necessitating more sophisticated and dynamic defences.

Lupovis equips security teams with deception tools that enhance current practices, providing high-fidelity alerts to initiate rapid responses to threats and in so doing ensuring business continuity whilst monitoring and characterising the progress and strategies of the attacker.

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cyber-security, deception,
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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