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Business Description
Food waste (FW) is a global big issue. Around 1/3 of food is wasted during the whole supply chain starting from the agricultural filed to supermarket and end food consumption. Food waste creates pollution to environment and increase green gas emission and CO2 release to lead to climate change. About 10% of GHG emission is from FW. On another hand, food shortage and security are global challenges due to increased population and reduced land for growing food. How to feed projected 10 billion population in 2050 with less land to grow food in the future?

We at CAMBOND in Cambridge, UK, have developed a technology platform to make plant based bio-resin from by-product of whiskey distillers, beer spend grain and many other food waste to replace oil based adhesive for making construction materials like MDF, chip boards, plywood and also we can make insulation boards from agriculture by-waste. Currently, we collaborate with Lim Shrimp Organisation (LSO), a Singapore based aquaculture company to develop vertical on-land sea farming to produce scalable protein resource to supply mankind.

The technology is zero-waste, green and no microplastic sea farming. The construction materials used to make the module farming are based on agricultural waste and food waste in circular economy to capture carbon.

The project will meet United Nation SDG 2– Zero hunger and SDG 13- Climate Action. We will build a “three-dimensional modularized, portable on-land farming unit, zero- emission, zero-polluting water recycling ecological sea cucumber farming system” in UK and China. The project is suitable for cities and regions with high population density and small land area. It directly contributes to the food supply chain, and at the same time serves as a model for promoting the development of UN’s green and low-carbon development climate action goal. The building materials used to build the module are derived from local rich biomass and food waste resource. We will develop and manufacture water-resistant, compression-resistant, and thermal insulation new composite engineering materials for the manufacture of on-site prefabricated building material for sea cucumber and shrimp farming with ecological building module systems. Through the Belt and Road Initiative from China, this project can be expanded to the world and provide the world with abundant protein resources.
Features of Innovation:

• Integration with cross-discipline technologies
• Cost Saving for vertical farming in circular economy
• Fish friendly environment and Food Safety without using antibiotics and no
Microplastic contamination.
• Reduced risks due to on-land ‘Can See and Touch’ farming technology to act quickly in case of fish disease occurs.
• Sustainable business due to profitability of sea food down-stream processing
• Green and low carbon technology
• The demolished building modules can be moved and reused
• The modules can be set up and raised in any open space or abandoned site at low cost for the poor.
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Waste, taste, foodtech
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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