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Don’t just search, find exactly what you are looking for from your emails, contacts, appointaments and desktop files in seconds. Lookeen® is a fully integrated add-in of Outlook® and a professional solution for Outlook users with a high volume of e-mail in their inbox. Lookeen can improve your e-mail productivity with its lightning fast search for e-mail in all stores. On demand you will gain an overview of your communication, contacts, attachments and dates.

Lookeen finds everything fast — no matter the account, folder, PST file or type (from email to meeting to attachment). The Lookeen toolbar integrates itself smoothly into your Outlook. If it’s there, Lookeen will find it. “It” can be anything from an email message to a contact, task, attachment, appointment or file. “There” can be in any Outlook PST file and any account type — from Exchange to POP or IMAP — or any local Windows folder. In an enterprise environment, for instance, Lookeen can even search external indices of shared Outlook archives within all frames of group policies and privacy settings of course.

The concept of indexed search allows you to find any information in seconds. Lookeen changes minutes of fruitless manual searches into successful results in seconds. Lookeen searches through all the archives and all the data within your Outlook workstation, e.g. emails, contacts, appointments, notes, etc. while also conducting searches within attachments of all kinds, e.g. in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., or even PDF files. Local and network files are also scanned with Lookeen. This makes Lookeen the central authority for finding everything on your PC. Due to the unique real-time indexing, data is immediately available for search. A few moments after a new email or a file system is changed, Lookeen is up-to-date.
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