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Business Description
The technology was invented by Greg Yova, who developed the technology to help him and thousands of other drivers with regular crossings between Tijuana and San Diego. The technology to capture traffic videos and deliver them quickly and efficiently to any platform did not exist before Greg invented it. So much so, it’s patented. Greg is supported by video expert Dave Garrett and London-based traffic information expert Paul Hutton. The London app was launched last autumn/fall. We are currently in talks to add this technology to other cities in the US, UK and other parts of the world.
Long Business Description

Live Traffic UK provides drivers with timely images of traffic conditions from hundreds of cameras across London. These images are not just jpegs, but videos to show both the volume and the speed of traffic. The camera videos are frequently updated to show the latest conditions without relying on live streaming which can pixelate, fail completely or use up vast amounts of mobile data.

Using the app is easy, and it means you can check your route, and decide whether to seek an alternative, take a different transport mode or wait till later to travel. Whatever happens, you’re more in control and more prepared. Features include the ability to save favorites so you can quickly and easily check the cameras on your route, and when necessary alternatives too, so you always travel informed.

As Live Traffic UK grows, its use will have a real effect on the road network. By having this information, if drivers see a jam on their journey, they will do their best to optimize it by choosing a different route, mode or time of travel. The more people who use the app, the more demand on the roads is spread out, reducing congestion.

Live Traffic UK puts power in the hands of the traveler, empowering them to make decisions for themselves based on what they see with their own eyes. On navigation maps, we generally know what green and yellow mean but no one really knows what red means. Is it typical rush hour traffic or is there a lorry lying on its side in the road? These are two VERY different scenarios, and you won’t know without being able to see and decide for yourself. Also, current highway heat maps can be statistically unreliable based upon our own independent testing. We found on average they could be inaccurate 25% of the time, meaning an area showing as red was not actually congested. This means there is no substitute for seeing it for ourselves.

Live Traffic UK is currently in London, but is looking to expand to other cities and main roads soon.

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London, England/San Diego, CA
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