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Business Description
Leverice is a young and vibrant tech startup in Germany, with a distributed team across 4 different time zones.

Leverice spun out from a large IT software and product development company, that has been successfully growing for the past 20 years, which provides us with a strong business and technology foundation.

Our co-founders experienced at first hand the pain caused by incongruent & unstructured messaging systems. These systems often got in the way of their business and engineering teams working productively and became a distraction.

This is what sparked the idea of Leverice as a messaging platform, built on a unique & ground up architecture, that allows for a deep channel tree structure for effective communication from day one!

Thanks to the strong business and technology background of the team, we realised that the platform can be extended even further into an open eco-system for Apps to be built and hosted natively within the Leverice platform. Think of it as a ‘Salesforce for messaging and collaboration’

We have built the messaging platform and successfully piloted it with customers. We are now ready to launch this to world.
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team messaging platform, business process apps, open eco-system
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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