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Business Description:
At LenioBio, we believe every person should have the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.
We develop efficient and sustainable technologies to produce medicines and food for those in need, wherever they are.
LenioBio enables proteins to be brought to market faster and at lower cost – across all industries.
Long Business Description:

LenioBio is a biotech company that develops and markets a novel, unique and proprietary protein production platform, ALiCE, which enables protein-based therapeutics to become more accessible and affordable. LenioBio was founded in 2016 in Germany to broadly commercialize the ALiCE platform, originally developed by DowDuPont and the Fraunhofer Institute.
Our business model is to provide a fully integrated protein production platform for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, with unique capabilities and the ability to scale along with our customers’ needs.
It takes a new protein drug 12 years on average to go through the drug development process.
From drug discovery – finding a protein that may work on a disease
to pre-clinical trials – testing it in animals
followed by clinical trials – testing it in humans
and commercial production & supply.
In all four phases, there are inefficiencies that together constitute the problem.
Our proprietary and unique platform will address these inefficiencies and speed up the whole process.

Based in:
Protein-expression, cell-free, protein-service
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