Lattice Medical

Lattice Medical
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Lattice Medical
Business Description:
LATTICE MEDICAL develops a disruptive bioabsorbable and personalised implant for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation.
We use an original approach combining advantages of actual reconstruction technics to give a simple surgery, more accessible to patient and less expensive: a bio absorbable prosthesis.
The procedure use autologous fat tissues injected into an absorbable implant allowing high volume reconstruction in one surgery. This absorbable implant is based on fat tissue growing engineering material made of Calais laces and a personalised 3D shell structure delimiting the reconstruction volume.
With biomaterials 3D printing, we can provide a personalised prosthesis adapted to the shape of the reconstruction area.
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FemTech, Implant, Biomaterials, Breast Cancer, Lattice Medical, France

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