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Langademy is a language learning social network that connects students with natives from all over the world. Students can practice every language at Langademy by making video calls from the web, without the need to install any plugin.
Langademy’s chat rooms are the meeting point of students and natives. You can enter the room of the language you want to practice, chat, and make video calls with the natives that you want.
Langademy provides two ways to practice languages:
Language exchanges: It’s the free method to practice languages with natives at Langademy. A time banking system is used. That is to say, the time you spend teaching your native language is added to your account so you can practice other languages. What is more, online meetups can be created: students and natives make appointments so they can meet at a language room in the same day and hour.
Paid conversation: This modality is for those that don’t have time for language exchanges. Langademy provides Wallet rooms, where you can find native speakers with different rates and reputations. During each paid video call, students have a 3-minutes trial to decide if they want to continue with the call. The calls are controlled by Langademy, so student’s just pay for the number of minutes they talk.
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Language Learning, Social Network, EdTech
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