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Business Description
LabShare is a cloud platform for resource capacity planning and scheduling that matches job demand to available resources of equipment.
Long Business Description

LabShare provides an online marketplace platform that aims to boost the international network of laboratories, manufacturers, and engineering centers focusing on the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and medical devices industries. Through the agile lab sharing ecosystem manufacturers, engineering centers can easily procure the required lab capacity with the best conditions, and laboratories can maximize the utilization of their resources.

LMMS: A new expression that the testing market is going to use, invented by LabShare. Laboratory Market Managament System is replacing the old well-known Laboratory Information Management System, the LIMS.

LOGISTICAL SERVICES: Test component door-to-door logistic services from engineering centers to testing laboratories involving
logistic service providers. LabShare logistical hubs will be set-up with dedicated service providers’ cooperation for samples requiring more attention, providing sample preparation, sample pre-check, and proper packaging.

PAYMENT SERVICES: LabShare aim is to follow the trends of marketplace service providers, and to provide services for complex needs: introduction of ecommerce B2B payment methods.

LINKED SERVICES: Link inspection and manufacturing marketplaces into LabShare via API connection to provide a onestop- shop approach for engineering centers.

Based in
capacity utilization, platform, scheduling, labs
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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