Kyme NanoImaging

Kyme NanoImaging
Business Name:
Kyme NanoImaging
Business Description:
KYME NANOIMAGING produces injectable medical products for Magnetic Resonance Imaging by combining FDA-approved biomaterials with clinically used Contrast Agents through a patented nanotechnology platform. This platform is based on the Microfluidics, which allows a scalable, controllable and continuous production at low cost.
KYME formulation makes visible anatomical details otherwise not appreciable consequently, ensuring better diagnosis, reducing side effects and widening the range of treatable patients. Indeed, Kyme formulation increases the image contrast up to 12 times compared to commercial Contrast Agents, so that physicians can better distinguish healthy and diseased organs and can inject less dosage into patients.
KYME aims to catch this opportunity offering to big companies the chance to improve their existing products and renew the expiring patents. KYME intends to adopt a B2B model making partnerships with “big players” to complete the clinical development, reach the market and then take advantage of their distribution channels.
Based in:
medical products, biomaterials, medtech

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