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Business Description
Kokoro helps organisations to continuously improve in the transformation process and contributes decisively to the overall success.
It offers transparent and anonymous data collection in real time. Our surveys collect data that not only support, but
accelerate and optimise transformation.
It provides insights in an intuitive way so that organisation/teams/individuals can take useful and continuous development steps with bottom-up and top-down learning cycles.
Long Business Description

To keep the transformation process on track as a continuous expereince, Kokoro has implemented the latest scientific findings in pulse surveys:
1) Its Starts all starts with Psychological Safety
In high-performance teams, everyone can address things that are important to them without fear of negative consequences. What's more, they are heard and receive recognition and appreciation. Such an open working
environment is the basis for a successful transformation process.
2) Make Your People Feel They Fit In
Where do I fit? Belonging is an existential need. If this need is not met, our brain uses all available resources to worry about this lack of belonging. Inclusion releases these resources - and this enables constructive participation and belief in a common future. Both are basic prerequisites for successful transformation.
3) Quality and Intensity of Collective Energy
Collective energy is the fuel on the way to the common goal. Both the quality and intensity of the energy count.
Kokoro provides insight into all dimensions of collective energy, and identifies energy promoting factors.

Safety and belonging set the speed and direction, energy provides momentum - the ideal mix for successful transformation.

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