Business Name:
Business Description:
Kiisec is a pioneer in encryption key management as a full service.
Kiisec ensures customer’s business continuity and operations contingency by safeguarding their most valuable asset; sensitive data.
Kiisec ensures customer’s ownership to their sensitive data by securing essential procedures in encryption key management.
Kiisec manages encryption key life cycle operations transparently.
Kiisec’s range of services includes:
Compliance and auditing
Integration and consulting
Encryption key management
Long Business Description:

Kiisec offers organisations a holistic service to reduce the burden of data protection incl.:
Compliance and auditing services
– Current state analysis for cryptographic controls
– Security audit against requirement frameworks and business needs including the discovery of sensitive data
– Security audit reporting presenting the current status of cryptographic controls
– Planning and definition of cryptography controls to meet business continuity and compliance requirements
– Policy on the use of cryptography controls taking into account information classification
– Policy on the key management including I.e. key backups, load balancing, high availability requirements
Integration & consulting services
– Project management
– Project plan for implementation of new cryptographic controls
– Execution of the project plan in collaboration with the customer including testing and implementation of new cryptographic controls
– Integration of the customer system with key management system and HSM.
Key management as a service
– Managing keys and their life cycle operations using certified state of the art crypto technology combined with secure and transparent processes
– Keys secured always using HSMs that locate in certified high security environments
– Audit trails and reporting of key life cycle operations to customer

Based in:
encryption keys, key management, assuring contingency
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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