Smart manufacturing & inventory software for direct to consumer businesses looking to automate workflows.

Katana (katanamrp.com) is a fast-growing startup and the new best friend of modern manufacturers.

It is the #1 modern manufacturing and inventory software for scaling businesses. Its visual interface and smart auto-booking engine, allow manufacturers to automate their workflows, prioritize orders and see the availability of raw materials and finished goods in real-time. Katana seamlessly integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, and more.

Hailing from Estonia, we have clients from most of the bigger worldwide markets and are looking to make Katana known in every village and city across the globe.

In order to grow our manufacturers family, we need to grow our own first. Our core team is a mix of exes from Skype, Playtech, and Microsoft and we’re looking to grow our team even further.

SaaS, Manufacturing, Cloud Services, Automation, Katana
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