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Just Me
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Just Me
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Just Me is a web-based platform aiming to help users to easily access and manage their personal data, while supporting companies in their path toward higher transparency in customer data management and GDPR compliance.
Our platform is a Personal Information Management System (PIMS) helping to translate into reality the primary objective of the GDPR: give back users control over their personal data. GDPR should be seen as an opportunity to improve transparency, trust, customer relationship and loyalty. Not a regulatory burden.
Just Me does not concentrate users data in a single storage system, but it acts as a bridge to access the information where they are already stored today. Such technical solution, based on secured API connections and a “plug & play” integration, completed by an automated and structured Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) module, makes Just Me unique on the market. Users can access the data companies have on them and easily take actions set by the GDPR (i.e. amend / delete / transfer data), while organizations can improve their transparency and customer relationship and prove their compliance to data protection laws.
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gdpr, data, privacy, platform, consent, api

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