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Have you ever felt lonely, bored or disconnected? You’re definitely not alone! 61% of adults and 73% of younger adults sometimes or more often feel lonely. Based on our problem validation research, 91% would like to do more with their friends.

The main problems behind not doing enough with one’s friends are related to not knowing what the friends are up to, difficulties in planning free time, and hesitation in reaching out to friends.

Many feel disconnected even more now due to what’s going on in the world since last year. Also, the pandemic has resulted in distancing oneself from the friends that were not so close to begin with (but perhaps wanted to become closer).

All in all, people need effortless access to true connections with friends through real experiences.

You need not be worried, JOYN is here! We are an app helping you share free time plans with your friends, similar to how you share images on Instagram. Post and share anything from just going for a spontaneous walk or after-work drinks to a road trip across the world. It will show up on your friends’ feeds and likewise you’ll see your friends’ plans. Nice, right?

We take online connections beyond sharing superficial social media posts for likes. JOYN is for connecting with friends on another level. We want you to put the phone down; Post a plan and take it to real life to make true memories with friends and add acquaintances to easily plan with them to turn them into close friends.

User journey would look like this: 1) You can add friends to your friend circle. See their profiles with descriptions and plans. 2) Your home feed. See all your friends’ plans at once, what they are up to. 3) You can create plans. Post whatever you are up to (or if you have nothing to do, post that as well), it will show on your friends’ feeds.

Available worldwide for Android and iOS.
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