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Business Description
“Google Play” for gambling developers.
Long Business Description

What we are doing?
There is a relatively small number of top gambling producers, who have practically formed an oligopoly. Small and medium-size companies face extreme difficulties when they try to enter the market due to the following factors:

-High development costs
-High cost of traffic
-Complex licensing and certifying process
-Lack of the payment systems infrastructure

At the same time, there is a large number of indie developers and game content creators capable of delivering games of very high quality. However, usually they could not properly monetize and make money on these games.

We are solving this problem by creating a platform, which allows to mitigate two key problems:
-Reduce the development costs by implementing a module structure of the backend. A developer gets a “constructor” of a gambling game, which he just needs to “paint” similar to children coloring books.
-Give access to the traffic and monetization of the created gambling content by connecting the platform to private web and CPA networks (affiliates), gambling game aggregators and directly to several big casinos.

The platform development already involves more than 15 people: game designers, illustrators and animators, as well as a software development team.

We also own and operate two casino brands with our own Curacao licenses. The core team has over seven years of experience in gambling and game development.

Our online casino - beemcasino.com

What we already have?
We started developing the platform in January, 2021. So far we got:
-5 own games + 2 partner games
-Customer area and admin panel
-Collection of various game modules (slots, jackpots, bonus games, provably fair mechanics, etc.)
-Payment gate and integrated payment solutions
-First B2B client of the platform
-In process - certification of the platform and its random number generators
-In process - integration into the gaming aggregators, so that the games can be added to casinos
-Hosting of the game clients

We create our own games and help to build partner projects directly on the platform. Each type of game has specific default game modules, but any combination of them can be used to develop the game.

Platform: https://jinnplatform.com/
Partner area: https://account.jinnplatform.com/signUp
acc: [email protected]
pw: freethegenie

What we are looking for?
In the second round, we aim to raise 2.000.000$ for 2 years for 15% of the company.
Commercial part of the project (promoting the games in the aggregator) will be launched this fall.

Last summer, we tested a prototype of a game (that is, we went through the path of an indie game developer of a gambling game) and we were able to confirm a number of hypotheses regarding the promotion of those mono-games:
There is a big demand for this type of content among the webmasters, who are working with gambing/betting traffic
There is a demand for new slot mechanics (for instance, provably fair games like our Borse Riders) in casinos
There are payment providers willing to work with mono-games
We also proved a hypothesis that the platform attracts developers/designers of the gambling games. We had several negotiations on this matter, almost everyone was interested in some way and one of the interested parties became our first client (Pic-o-Matic studio). They are currently developing two games on our platform.
Even mono-games can pay off, there is a big audience for this type of games.

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gambling, games development
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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