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IURALL is a legal platform that enables a technology-enabled, sharing economy approach to the delivery of legal services. It improves the provision of legal services for both consumers and the legal professionals. First, it reduces costs to the consumer, enhancing accessibility of legal services, and improving access to justice. By making legal services both less expensive and easier-to-access than offered by the traditional law firms, consumers can utilize them earlier in the life cycle of a legal problem, catching them before they spiral out of control, meaning such problems are likely be less costly to address. Second, it enables easier client acquisition for lawyers, giving them greater flexibility in their work schedules, and enabling them to focus on the actual legal work. Third, it enhances the pre-existing machinery for monitoring entry into the legal field, polices abuses, and controls bad actors, which ensures a higher quality control and enhances trust among users of the platform.
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E-Commerce, Internet, Legal, Professional Services
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No funding announced yet
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