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We provide innovative solutions for the benefit of communities and businesses.

Our Vision is to become the leader of 3D Printing in colour and customer preference thanks to speed, affordability and ease “at a single touch of a button“.
We add, literally, another dimension to photography, give people with sight difficulties a possibility to see with their “touch” while providing speed & affordability for all prototyping needs.
Long Business Description

Our Vision is to become the Leader of 3D Printing in Colour and our target markets are:
1. Existing market - we will reduce the consumer product, medical, construction and arthitecture prototyping from months & tens of thousands of pounds when currently done using injection moulding in Asia to days and thousands if not hundreds of pounds (while keeping it in UK and supporting national economy!).
2. New market - Years ago only very rich and affluent could afford a family sculputre or a bust. With our #3DMe product: you, your family & friends will be able to afford a 3D Picture as an innovation in the photography market worth $2.4B in UK. Our target is 3% slice in 5 years but it needs marketing development.
3. Added social value - imagine a framed picture and the feeling you get when you see your family. Unfortunately, people with visual impairment can't enjoy it. This is the pain we aim to take away because with our solution they will have a possibility to see pictures of their loved ones again, with their touch. And just in UK, there are over 2 million people with visual impairment.
Initially in direct and then, with development of our IT platform, possible 2-sided market.

And our path is clear as presented on our website: https://itoma.co.uk/3dme-product-demo/ but summarising:
1. 3D Printing in colour in 3 different materials (rather than usual, expensive plaster/gypsum)
2. Artificial Intelligence to speed up & reduce the costs (rather than use current manual 3D Modelling paid per unit)
3. Simple consumer electronics using your phone & our device to get this product to the people (rather than a specialised process)
4. & Robotics to make it a truly 24/7 operations (rather than current 5 days a week 9-5pm) and over time opening related & new business verticals as presented in our Strategy:
5. Plus targeted marketing for our market niches.

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