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Business Description
Isahit was founded 3 years ago, it's a digital micro-tasks platform specialized in AI training Dataset We offer companies the possibility to externalize their digital tasks and gain in productivity. We provide high quality services such as Image/video Annotations,Text/Language transcriptions, Natural Language Processing. Our company focuses on developing woman empowerment and reducing poverty in Africa.
Long Business Description

What makes us unique is that all our algorithms and platform have been developed internally. We also insist on being a 100% transparent company regarding pricing. In other words: a fair remuneration for our contributors and a fair pricing for our clients. One of our characteristics is also to be extremely flexible and adaptable as we provide customized solution that includes the following advantages:

- Customized tooling
- Easy project restructuring
- Volumetry size

Digital tasks are completed by women in Africa. Present in more than 18 countries, we digitally train our contributors prior to the task completion. Not only our contributors can increase their digital skills but they can also earn 10x the local wage! This enables them to start an entrepreneurial project and/or continue their studies.

Based in
tasks, AI, dataset, NLP
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