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INVOIER offers first-of-its-kind real time Invoice Spot Market with application of a powerful AI
technology for better risk classification.
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INVOIER has introduced a global, scalable and disruptive model for companies short term financing of working capital. With unique risk measurement tool we are giving the companies a competitive advantage, resulting in the following value proposition:
*Lower cost of companies’ working capital
*Risk reduction in customer losses for the companies
*Proposition of a new adjusted returns for institutional investors looking for a new asset class

INVOIER offers first-of-its-kind real time Invoice Spot Market with better risk classification. At the heart of our solution is an AI element which makes possible a much more focused and accurate risk assessment as our tool is able to predict the actual pay-day of the traded invoice. Thus, with the AI element in place we are able to introduce a unique and completely new way of measuring risk for individual receivables as opposed to risk with individual companies. By harnessing our AI solution to the INVOIER Invoice Spot Market, we deliver a wholly new level of market transparency and engagement on the part of: the sellers - who will now be able to participate more actively knowing the market value of their invoices (real time prices) and buyers – getting access to completely new asset classification.
INVOIER’s solution will have normalizing effect on prices and operation as well as leveling the playing field between key participants on the market.

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invoices, risk classification, fintech

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