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Onboarding empowering your employees to, succeed, perform and feel safe. Manage your knowledge and provide your employees with the know-how when they need it. Is Onboarding really necessary?

Did you know that 1 in 4 leave their job within the first year, and it typically takes 12 months before they are able to deliver what they were hired to do?

introDus is a mobile, cloud-based pre and onboarding solution which enables companies to create custom onboarding content to share online with new hires, with the aim of improving employee time to performance and making them feel part of the team from day one.

The content composer allows organizations to create their own content containing all the information both new and existing employees need to know. The media library can handle any kind of file such as Powerpoint, Word, PDF, Excel, video and audio, alongside an easy to sort feature.

Quizzes help ensure employees understand the important findings, and feel safe, from day one. Users can take tests on the company’s history, values and leadership practices, study the handbook rules and learn about the products, services and processes of the company.

Track and follow employee progress and provide surveys to get valuable feedback on the onboarding process for improvements. Users can also access stats that show how well employees are doing in their pre & onboarding runs. Organizations can engage with employees via SMS, push and email to keep employees up to date on pre and onboarding information.
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